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The Diary of some Past Events.
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Graham Cochrane.
Graham died Saturday 12 March at the Royal North Shore Hospital from cancer complications.
Graham was born in Stanley POW camp in Hong Kong and was one of my oldest friends.

A photo of Graham taken at the Sydney Reunion in 2001 and with camera in Thailand.

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Click Here for San Francisco 2005 Reunion
The San Francisco Reunion is 5th to 8th August 2005.  The organising committee is
Evelyn Buckley 79,  Carolyn (Etherton) Dilena 78 and Seema (Nizam) Shams 78

The 2003 Kontinentals Reunion in Vancouver.
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The 2003 Sydney AGM.  Images from Ian Harris.

Peter Poulson, Ian Harris,  Nicky Vargasoff & Rod Sell

Andy Sloan, Les Baker, The Lion & Rod Sell.

Image with kind permission of Nancy Chandler

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2002 The Hong Kong Reunion
13th to 20th March 2002

Click on the above picture for the HK Reunion reports.

The Following from George Grout 9th June 2002

Hi all!
I posted a bunch of pictures at the following website http://photos.yahoo.com/ggrout.rm
Take a look...you just might see yourself there!
Anyone who has photos to share please e-mail them to me (ggrout@rocketmail.com) and I'll add them to the album.

Best Regards, George AKA Garoupa

 The 2006 Hong Kong Reunion has been postponed.

The 2002 Sydney Chinese Dinner Reunion.  Images from Ian Harris.

Frank Rodrigues, Joey Braga, Rod Sell & Janina Rodrigues.

Frank Rodrigues, Rod Sell & Vivian (Roach) Morley.

Still kids at heart.  Joey Braga, Carolyn, Susie & Jose Barros, John Eastman.
Front row Ian Harris and a scalped Rod Sell.

The Last Party at the 2001 Oz Reunion.  Image from Jack McIlravey.

Our KGV Chat Room.

This is a new chat room as the other one did not function well.

If you want to have a chat I would suggest you email a friend and set up a time to meet up in the chat room.

Speak with you soon.   Rod.

The KGV OZ 2001 Committee.

Click on any of the links below for emails and images relating to the event.

Former Pupils in Vancouver 2001.

2001 AGM with pictures

Messages from Former Pupils on Travel Movements

Messages from Former Pupils.

Messages from some who DID make it :  Updated 30th April

Sunday 4th March - Pre & Welcome Reception  Updated 15th May

Monday 5th March - Northern Beaches Tour  :  Updated 25th May

Monday 5th March - Chinese Banquet Dinner  :  Updated 25th May

Tuesday 6th March - Blue Mountains Tour  :  Updated 25th May

Wednesday 7th March - Walkabout,Yum Cha Lunch  : Updated 26th May

Wednesday 7th March - Harbout Dinner Cruise  : Updated 25th May

Thursday 8th March - Hunter Valley Wine Tour  :  Updated 11th May

Friday 9th March - Leisure Day

Friday 9th March - Gala Farewell Dinner  :  Updated 27th May

Saturday 10th March - Heading North :  Updated 30th April

Sunday 11th March - Surf and Slumber Breakfast :  Updated 16th April

Sunday 11th March - Surf and Slumber BBQ :  Updated 30th April

Monday 12th March - Water and Mountain Tour  :  Updated 26th May

Tuesday 13th March - Life's a Beach  :  Updated 30th April

Tuesday 13th March - Movie Night  :  Updated 14th April

Wednesday 14th March - Byron Bay Tour  :  Updated 24th April

Wednesday 14th March - Dinner at the Rosenberg's  :  Updated 24th April

Thursday 15th March - Couran Cove  :  Updated 14th May

Thursday 15th March - Dinner  :  Updated 28th March

Friday 16th March - Morning Tea :  Updated 12th May

Friday 16th March - Party Time : Updated 14th May

Saturday 17th March - Heading Home

 This Project is a joint diary by all the participants of the Oz Reunion.  We want your memories to share with all the others.  Please send emails with details and images to Rod Sell.
  It is projected that the diary will be in as best a chronological order as possible.  When a page gets too large it will be split so if you just want to reminice on the Gold Coast section you can.
The more contributions the better as the ultimate will be to have contributions from everyone.
At the start of each entry is who it is from.  Those with emails have been linked, so if you want to email them just click on the name.
 Maunie advised me that there were 178  who attended different portions of the Reunion.

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