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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Monday Banquet Dinner 5th March

Chinese Banquet on Monday 5th March At The Rocks Dynasty Restaurant, 33 Kent Street, The Rocks. Those making their own way please be at the restaurant by 7.30pm.

Those residing in the hotel, and others who do not know the location of the restaurant, please meet in the main lobby between 6.45 and 7pm. We will be departing in three groups, each accompanied by a committee member, for a short walk to the restaurant.

Nick Vargassoff will happily drive anyone who is unable to walk the distance but please be sure to let him know in advance if you require transport. Others who do not wish to walk will be able to take a taxi from the hotel.

Updated 25th May

My thanks to Terry Peters for this photo

Norma (Stevens) Thompson, Terry and Bea Peters

My thanks to June Tieken for these photos.

Madeline (O'Connell) Jones and Tim Martin.

Tim & Kathy (Huber) Ellis.

My thanks to Norma Thompson for these photos.

Graham & Madeline (O'Connell) Jones, Norma (Stevens) Thompson.

Graham & Madeline (O'Connell) Jones, Norma (Stevens) Thompson, Barry Bruce and Sue Trodd.

Don Dunne, Barry Bruce, Terry & Ross Peters.

Michael Koodiaroff, Don Dunne, Norma Thompson, Terry Peters, Barry Bruce.

My thanks to Laara Baldwin for this photo

Alan Stevens & Margaret (Davis) Callow

My thanks to Monica Chang for this photo.

Monics Chang, Brian Eastman, Diana Moyer & Skip Heinecke

(Rod Sell)
I arrived at the restaurant at about 7.  Frank Rodrigues had the job of checking all arrivals.  Frank advised me that this was Brian Eastman's favourite restaurant, so if there were any complaints we blame Brian  (He is safe).  About 20 were already there and we started chatting.  I joined Claire Marchetti (she gave me 100 lines in my 1st week at KGV.  I will never let her forget it.) at her table.  I sat at Clair's left and at the end of the evening had a deaf right ear ( She has one loud laugh, perhaps I should term it a squark).  It was nice to meet Ron Tjioe from the younger generation, who we have nominated to try to integrate the later years into these reunions.  The jokes and discusions flowed and the food arrived at a steady pace.  Phil and Tina Rosenberg had vegetarian meals which seemed to arrive before the regular dishes, so we all helped them eat theirs, resulting in us being unable to eat the last 3 courses.
Mrs Lee kindly drew the lucky door prizes and Nicky Vargassoff had difficulty calling out the numbers in French, so he cheated and used English.  A very nice night catching up over the passing years.

(Maunie Kwok)
In the evening we met in the hotel lobby between 6.45 and 7pm and departed in three groups to walk to The Rocks Dynasty Restaurant for a Chinese Banquet. A hundred and eighteen people attended and although the restaurant was crowded it was a fun night and the food was good.

Julia (Tingay) Moolenschot, Paul Kwok, Maunie (Bones) Kwok, Vivien (Roach) Morley, and standing Mike Terry and Mary (Gillett) Farrell

Vianney Willy-Furth, Anne (Reynolds) Williams, Laara (Lynn Baldwin) Zimerman and partner Denny Brausen

Johnny Monteiro, Diana (Moyer) Lincoln, and Skip Heinecke

Kathy (Huber) and husband Tim Ellis

June (Lee) & Dick Tieken. (June was a Miss Hong Kong)

Shellie (Hausman) Hagerman & Madeline (O’Connell) Jones

Rod Sell, Hilary (Bradley) Sayers, Joey Braga, and Graham Cochrane

Pauline (Williams) Burnaby, Frank & Janina Rodrigues

Jose Barros and Anne-Marie Lee (teacher) drawing the Lucky Door Prizes

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