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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Friday 16th March. Back to the Future.

F R I D A Y 1 6 t h.
The Ultimate KGV Gala Rock ‘n Roll Shindig! The Mother of all Last Night Parties with plenty of Chantilly rock ’n Kangaroo roll! Fabulous typical Queensland location at The Paradise Springs Golf Club, ‘groovy’ 50’s/60’s disco plus professional rock ’n roll dancers. Elvis lives! Wear your dancing shoes for a night you’ll never forget (or hopefully can’t remember!).

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Updated 14th May

My thanks to Laara Baldwin for these photos.

Johnny & Monica.

Cherry and Peter Clark celebrating their Anniversary.

Jack & Fiona McIlravey.

Anders & Mary Lou

My thanks to Pauline Williams for this photo.  Please send yours.

The 2 Monicas enjoying the last dinner.

My thanks to Monica Chang for these photos.

A happy group except Phil who was still trying to remember which House he was in.

Monica Reeve with Jennifer Vargassoff and her Mum.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photos.  Please send yours.

Looks like the KGV School Play is alive and well, or were they reading a script from the GOON Show.  Well done Neddy Lad and who is reading GrypPikeFinn... Hullo Minn.

I hope the opposing team were impressed.

Yes the Rowell Blues were ready, but how did Phil get in both.

James and Helen Clements with Rosemary Baker.

The last Dance of the night.

Which House was this.  Phil couldn't remember which he belonged to.

Pauline and Les.

Bobbie and Tony.

My thanks to Jose Barros for these 2 photos.  Please send yours.

Rosalie Bunton, Tony williams, Suzy & Jose Barros, Cherry Clark, Phil Moraes, Eddie Xavier, Phil & Tini Rosenberg.

Gillian (Aldington) Wiedorn, Phil Rosenberg, Suzy (Baker) Barros, Roy Hutchinson, Les Baker, Peter Poulson.
Up the Blues  (Rowell)
Who owns the hand between Roy and Les?

(Roy Hutchinson)
My thanks to Roy Hutchinson for the 4 photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Phil giving a lesson in old fashion Rock & Roll.

The gang learn fast, or were they playing ring around the rosies.

Rock and Roll regardless.

The end of a great reunion.  See you at the next one.

Hi Rod,
Just a few more to add to Tony Williams' great collection of a fantastic night, the last get together before everyone finally headed home.  The Queensland style golf club was the perfect venue with its french doors opening to wide verandahs to cool off after dancing our feet off.  So much fun and so much noise...specially doing photo shoots of house groups!  Perhaps Phil never knew which house he was in, or perhaps it was a "senior moment", because he insisted on being in each one!  Cheryl Poulsen very deservedly won the prize for best 60's costume of the night and Eddie & Irene Xavier won the best rock n roll dancing prize. That was a close call though!!  Vianney entertained with his "policeman" routine, there were great speeches, then the school song to "special" words, and on with the show.  The rock n roll demo was a great way of putting everyone "in the mood", and pretty much as one we all hit the floor. Phil's CD was again the rave of the night.
For me, and this being my first reunion, it was an incredible time and a week I will never forget.  Thank you Phil, and the committee, for giving us all such special memories.

(Bobbie Trenchard)
My thanks to Bobbie Trenchard for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Fiona, the best looker of the night!

Getting in the mood!

Suzie Barros

Laara, Bobbie and Dennis

Phil, Dennis, Nick, Les and Johnny.

Jack McIlravey & Laara Zimmerman.

See Tony William's photos of this event

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