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2001 The Oz Reunion

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Wednesday Harbour Dinner Cruise 7th March

Harbour Dinner Cruise on Wednesday 7th March Meeting Time & Place for those who do not know their way around Sydney is between 6 and 6.15pm in the main lobby of the hotel. We will then walk down to the pier in groups. For those making their own way, please be at The Man of War Steps on the eastern side of the Opera House (Farm Cove) by 6.45pm at the very latest. The boat is allowed alongside to pick up our group but is unable to tie-up and wait for stragglers, so please be on time.

(Maunie Kwok)
Harbour Dinner Cruise. We met in the hotel lobby between 6 and 6.15pm for the short walk to the Man of War steps near the Opera House where we boarded a sleek white vessel booked exclusively for us. It was a balmy evening, the harbour was calm, and the lights of Sydney spectacular. And of course the company couldn’t have been better. The three-hour cruise passed far too quickly and we all came ashore very relaxed and in good spirits.

Updated 25th May

My thanks to Terry Peters for this photo

Terry Peters, John Bunton and Bea Peters with Pauline Burnaby in the back.

My thanks to June Tieken for this photo.

David Knight and Dick Tieken

My thanks to Monica Chang for these photo.  Please send yours.

Monica & Skip with Adam on the left.

Adam & Christina McIlravey hanging 10.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photo.  Please send yours.

Ron Park enjoying the view on Sydney Harbour whilst Laara Balwin distracts him.

Anthony Da Motta, Micael Mylvaganam, Vivian (Roach) Morley and Bernhard Horstman.

Sid & Sandra Fattedad, Dickie Gasten, Christine Thurston and Ian Harris.

Peter & Cheryl Paulson with Rosemary & Les Baker.

My thanks to Jose Barros for this photo.  Please send yours.

Suzy Barros, Geoff Lyons (nice to see a new face), Sid Fattedad, Dianne Moyer, Phil & Tini Rosenberg.
The barman was also ex KGV 1991.

(Roy Hutchinson)
My thanks to Roy Hutchinson for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

The group boarding the John Cadman III

Brian Cox, Adam McIlravey, Janina & Frank Rodrigues, Roy Tjioe, Rod Sell, Graham Cochrane and Claire Marchetti Cox.

Penny (Jennings) Macguire-White, her sister Margaret-Ann (Jennings) Hambly, Sheila (Brice) Bolsover and her husband Fletch and daughter Erica, head of table Mitch Meredith, Jennifer Vargassoff, Ian Harris, Helen and Mike Dalton.

Helen Kim, Skip Heinecke, Sandra and Sid Fattedad, ? , Nora Sun, Lulu Diespecker and Dickie Gasten.

Ron Park, Gillian & Paul Wiedorn, Tim Martin, Bill & Shellie Hagerman.

The Lucky draw.  Mrs Baker, Jose Barros and Nicky Vargassoff (like the tie).

Too much Rum?  Kathy Huber in the blue suit leading the singing.

Tini and Phil Rosenberg showing the way up to Mr Baker and Suzie.
Not quite sure what his other hand is indicating.

Bernhard Horstman, Maunie (Bones) Kwok, Joey Braga, Sid Fattedad, Merian and Shody Chow, Paul Kwok.
Image from Maunie Kwok.

(Rod Sell)
I arrived at the Man of War steps at almost 6.45 (expecting we would wait 15 minutes to board).  The gang was all there and I am sure we were mixed with another group waiting on another cruise.  Our boat  John Cadman 3 arrived very soon after and we made our way past Vivian Roach and Frank Rodrigues, ticking off the list as we passed.  Somehow I was not ticked off on Vivians list, not that it mattered.  We shortly there after cruised past Rose Bay and the million dollar mansions of the Easter Suburbs.  There were 3 decks on this boat the upper 2 to view the scenery whislt imbibing good food and drink.  What a pity I have been of the booze for the past few years, I could have really enjoyed all that good wine.  Still the food and company made up for it.  We were called to make our way to the lower deck where the tables were set up for dinner.  Being one of the first down I made my way to the front section and joined Frank Rodrigues and his wife, and Roy Tjioe.  Later Graham Cochrane, Adam McIlravey and Clair Marchetti and her husband joined our table.  Claire was on my left with Graham between, so I was only partly deaf in the left ear by the end of the cruise.  She has one loud laugh.  It was  a fun evening of joke telling with everyone contributing.  In a way it was a shame to miss most of the wonderful views we were passing but the company was more absorbing.  Mr Baker (Father of the Clan) was prevailed upon to draw the lucky door prizes.  He also had a great night reminiscing with one of his school friends from the Shanghai days, so there was an even older reunion taking place.
My biggest memory of this cruise was speaking with Roy Hutchinson shortly before we docked and discovering that our Grand Parents were neighbours in Shanghai.  It sure is a small world.

Phil Rosenberg on the left, myself the follicaly challenged one in the middle and Rosemary Baker (Les's wife) on the right.  The Harbour Bridge can just be seen above Phil's ear.  Image from Ian Harris.

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