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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Monday Beaches Tour 5th March

Coach Tour to Wildlife Park & Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Monday 5th March Meeting Time & Place : 8.30am at the rear entrance of the Wentworth Hotel in Bligh Street. Please don’t be late.

Updated 25th May

My thanks to Terry Peters for this photo

Michael Koodiaroff and Terry Peters enjoying a cold beer.

My thanks to June Tieken for this photo.

Helen, Anders, Nora, Lulu and Maunie with Adam in the back.

My thanks to Laara Baldwin for these photos.  Please send yours.

Kathy Huber and Skip Heinecke at the Skippy Park.

The Wild Ones at North Head.

These images show Manly Beach and the view on the ferry back to Sydney.

Manly Beach looking North.  Heading out to sea there is no land till Chile.

Another view of the South Pacific Ocean from Manly Beach.  Shelly Beach can be see on the headland.  The houses on this section to the right are in the Million $ range.

Manly Wharf for a Ferry or Jetcat ride back to the city.

Sitting on the Dog Turd fountain at Manly Wharf.
Vianney, Denny, Laara, Christina, Carolyn and Adam.

All change places.  I think Anders is now on the left. Manly Pier Restaurant on the water at the left has great food.

Sailing is one of the favourite sports on Sydney Harbour.

Passing by the Heads into Sydney Harbour.  On a stormy day the ferry surfs to the Wharf.

Denny with the Sydney Sykline behind.  Centrepoint Tower on the left.

Laara with a similar view.  Opera House on the right.

Passing the Opera House.  The Wharf is on the right of the photo.

The other Sydney Icon known as The Coat Hanger.

Another image of the Bridge looking to North Sydney.  Just to the left of where the arch touches land you can see the Luna Park Amusement sight now closed.  Do you remember Luna Park in HK which was at North Point in the late 40s and early 50s.

For more images of the Wildlife Park and Beaches Tour by Les Baker, maunie Kwok, Roy Hutchinson Frank Rodrigues and Sid Fattedad

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