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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Sunday 4th March

Merchandise There was some Limited Edition items available for purchase at the Welcome Reception on Sunday 4th March. Caps $20, Shirts (assorted sizes) $25, and Bags $30. All items have the school badge and "Australia 2001" embroidered on them and are of very good quality.  After the close of the Welcome Reception, the items will be available for you to purchase more if you wish.

Welcome Reception on Sunday 4th March will be held in the Brisbane Room on the 1st floor at the Rydges Wentworth Hotel from 6 to 8pm. The rest of the evening is free time for you to catch up with old friends over coffee or drinks.

Updated 15th May

My thanks to Norma Thompson for this photo.

Sylvia (Stevens) Hopkins, John Eastman, Norma (Stevens) Thompson, Mike Terry.

My thanks to Ron Park for this photo

It's moments like these you need a camera.

My thanks to Laara Baldwin for these photos.  Please send yours.

Nicky Vargassoff introduces the Committee at the first Reception.
Philippa & Mitch Meredith, Chairman Nick.  Claire Marchetti, Ian Harris, Jose & Suzy Barros, Vivian Roach.

The Committee continued.  Jose & Suzy Barros, Vivian Roach, Brian Eastman, Maunie Kwok, Les Baker, Frank Rodrigues, Caroline & Ruy Barros.

Madeline & Graham Jones.  On left is Jack McIlravey and Hillary Bradley.  Joey Braga has his back to camera.

Skip & Monica with Pauline in the back.

Pre Reception Wanderings.

Cherry (Garner) Clark, Diana Moyer and Jose Barros exchanging Corn at the Rocks. Image from Jose Barros.

Tourists at the Opera House.  Diana Moyer, Peter & Cherry (Garner) Clark.  Image from Jose Barros.

Helen Kim, Lulu Diespecker, Roy Hutchinson, Nora Sun and Anders Stenberg.  Image from Roy.

Les Baker having a quiet moment before the hectic week stated.  Image from Frank Rodrigues.

My thanks to Monica Chang for these photo.  Please send yours.

Madeline (O'Connell) Jones, Geoff Lyons, Laara Zimerman, Graham Jones, Monica Chang.

Anne & Ian Williams with Johnny Monteiro.

Bob McKirdy, Rosemary Baker, Elaine & Brian Eastman with Lulu Diespecker.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photo.  Please send yours.

The Working Party reporting for duty.  Ruy Barros, Vivian (Roach) Morley, Caroline & Suzy (Baker) Barros

Dr Nicholas Vargassoff giving the Pre Operation Speech.
The Operation was a complete success with the combined loss of 5280 years giving us an average age of 18.

Phil Rosenberg, Geoff Lyons and Anthony Da Motta.

Another Trinity.  Frank Rodrigues, Joey Braga and Les Baker.

And yet another.  Bob McKirdy, Lulu Diespecker and Brian Eastman.

Sandra & Sid Fattedad, James & Helen Clement, Mitch Meredith, Carolyn Ames and Philippa Meredith.

Back Row:  Shellie (Hausman) Hagerman, Rosemary Baker, Tini Rosenberg, Pauline (Williams) Burnaby, Suzy (Baker) Barros, Janina Rodrigues, Jennifer Vargassoff.  Front Row: Les Baker, Phil Rosenberg and Diana Moyer.

(Maunie Kwok)

Day 1 of The Ultimate KGV Reunion Down-Under 2001 had at last arrived and I awoke in the morning feeling a great sense of excitement. I also couldn’t help wondering if, after all our careful planning, everything would go smoothly or would there be the odd hiccup here and there.

It was an early start for us as I had arranged to meet classmate, Helen (Kim) Lew, at the airport and her flight was due to set down at 7.55am. We live in the Blue Mountains about 75km from the city so were on the road early and for a night person I was extremely bright and chirpy. My husband Paul, who has had to put up with not seeing very much of me over the past year or so whilst I have been hidden away in my workroom on the computer doing ‘KGV stuff’, willingly agreed to drive me to the airport then drop Helen and I at the Wentworth Hotel where we were staying for the reunion week.

At this point I have to say a big thank you to the spouses of the Sydney committee who have had to tolerate all the preparation for the reunion over the past year or two. They certainly deserve a medal for putting up with the disruption to their lives.

At 12.45pm Vivien (Roach) Morley and I went down to the 3rd floor of the Wentworth to set up the Welcome desk outside the Brisbane Room where the evening Welcome Reception was to be held. We were later joined by Les Baker who helped us man the desk until 4pm when Jose & Suzy Barros, Rui & Caroline Barros, and Claire Marchetti Cox took over. Many attendees arrived during the afternoon to collect their Welcome packs whilst others waited until the evening. Apart from the Welcome pack, each attendee received a stylish dark blue sling pack embroidered with the school badge and ‘Australia 2001.’ We also had limited edition souvenir caps and shirts for sale which turned out to be very popular.

The Welcome Reception started at 6pm with about 136 in attendance and was a wonderful evening of squeals, hugs and laughter as old friends greeted each other. It was also a time of anticipation of the week ahead and for meeting new people and starting new friendships.

Vivien (Roach) Morley, Les Baker, Sid & Sandra (Quinn) Fattedad

Vivien (Roach) Morley, Robert Lamb, Elspeth (McAuley) Lamb, Maunie (Bones) Kwok, Mike Dalton, Helen (Feldman) Dalton.

The Stevens sisters, Sylvia Hopkins and Norma Thompson.

Three old rogues, Johnny Monteiro, Mitch Meredith, Ian Harris

Mary (Gillett) Farrell and Mike Terry

A rowdy bunch, back row, John Eastman, Anne (Reynolds) Williams, Chris Pile, Sue (Tucker) Watson, Johnny Monteiro, Andy Sloan,  Front row, Dickie Gasten and Ian Harris

(Rod Sell I arrived at the 3rd Floor of the Wentworth Hotel at about 5.45 to see quite a number had arrived even earlier.  The Baker Clan were busy registering the members as they arrived and it was not long before I was processed and in the Brisbane Room enjoying myself.

The name tags were a great idea as they gave a lot more information than just your name.  If you went to KGV there was the Lion in the Top Right corner and the flag of your home Country was on the Top Left.  Great idea Maunie who designed it.
The food and drink was non stop and very delicious, and the company even better.  I guess there were over 100 of us at the function.  Nick thanked everyone for attending and introduced the Committee who had worked very hard to organise these 2 weeks.
Then it was off to try to remember the face that went with the name tag.  Not that easy after these 40 plus years, and for me there were some from Quarry Bay Junior School about 50 years ago.  Madeline O'Connell had changed a bit since Quarry Bay.  I am sure she used to beat me up then.
It was great meeting with Mrs Reeve again after 40 plus years.  I am sure she was the reason I always liked maths.
At 9.15 PM I left, knowing I would catch up with most again at tomorrow night's banquet.  The party was still raging thought it was quietening a bit.

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