K.G.V. School

2001 The Oz AGM


The KGV OZ FPA 2001 AGM.

At the AGM yesterday it was decided to reduce the size of the Committee to 9 as there is not as much that needs to be done till the next OZ reunion.

The New Committee is

President -  Maunie Kwok
V. President - Vivian Morley
Secretary - Frank Rodrigues
Treasurer - Les Baker
Committee - Nicholas Vargasoff, Jose Barros, Caroline Barros, Suzy Barros & Ian Harris.

Membership for this coming year has been set at A$10.

My thanks to Ian Harris for the photos.

Les Baker, Ian Harris, Rod Sell & Anthony Da Motta

The slow cookers.  Paul Kwok, Vivian Roach & Rod Sell.
A really great day was had by all.  Nicky devised a future Olympic Sport (Brick balancing).

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