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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Wednesday 14th March. Byron Bay Tour.

W E D N E S D A Y 1 4 t h.
Byron Bay Tour. A fascinating drive through the beautiful green Numinbah Valley and the sugar cane fields to Byron Bay, the town where time stopped in the heydays of the 60’s flower power. Explore this fascinating village and discover a vegetarian, seafood or organic restaurant - no fast food chains here - for lunch at your own cost. Afterwards we’ll visit the lighthouse on the edge of Australia and admire the nimble mountain goats before heading back. A ‘Magical Night of Nostalgia’ featuring the classic ‘Love is a Many Splendid Thing’ movie shot in 1955 in Hong Kong; see how many locations you recognise after all those years. Dinner on the beachfront balcony of the Northcliffe Surf and Lifesaving Club

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It's Wednesday.  Is this the way to Byron Bay.

Updated 24th April

My thanks to Les Baker for these photos.  Please send yours.

Another wilderness walk.

The natural arch.

Posing with the natural arch.

Lost in the Rain Forest.

Looking for Sherlock Holmes.  Where is 22b?

Byron Bay at last.

This is a tough one. Whose hand is above Nora Sun's head.  Whose bum is the most easterly.

We always come back to food.

The food at the wild Wok.

Suzy Barros, Rosemary & Les Baker, Skip Heinecke, Peter & Cheryl Poulson, Jose Barros.
They saw the word Bar and went in for some Jungle Juice.  Image from Jose Barros.

Mad Tourists at Byron Bay.  Light House at the back.  Images from Roy Hutchinson.
This is the most easterly point of mainland Australia.

Posing with the lighthouse.  How illuminating.  Image from Roy Hutchinson.

It was much easier walking down.  Image from Roy Hutchinson.

(Bobbie Trenchard)
Hi Rod,

Following are some pics of our huge day at Byron Bay, home of alternate lifestylers and hippyville. We didn't see that many, but assured the overseas visitors they were there somewhere.  We left the Gold Coast at 9.00 am and travelled south by coach through the very beautiful Numinbah Valley, stopping on the way to climb down to the waterfall at Natural Arch.  A long way down but the way back wasn't quite as daunting as first thought.  Just as we thought we couldn't hang out for lunch any longer, Phil had the brilliant idea of making a stop at the Humble Pie Factory, where the Aussie meat pies and the you name it, they make it pies are famous. We were all famished, but Jose hit the record for the number of pies eaten - we lost count of how many!

Finally we made it into Byron, through the town and on up to the lighthouse, where we trekked again to congregate at the most easterly point of Australia and its incredible views over the surf, out to the ocean and all the way up and down the coast.  Probably the most welcome though was our stroll through the town and a watering stop at the Byron Hotel beer garden.  Great commentary by the bus driver, but again the highlight on the way home was....yes, Phil's CD over the intercom.  That was quite a singsong!

Home at 5.30...pooped but ready to party at Phil & Tini's again at 6.30.


Nora Sun & Lulu Diespecker

Bobbie Walker & Suzie Barros

Suzie, Johnny & Sherry

Monica, Helen, Nora, Johnny and Lulu.

Suzie & Jose Barros at Natural Arch.

Johnny, Skip, Dennis, Laara, Leslie, Bobbie, Jose and Peter

Captain Phil

Rosemary and Les Baker and Bobbie Walker

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