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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Sunday Surf & Slumber 11th March

S U N D A Y 1 1 t h.
Wake up late (sounds good so far, doesn’t it?) and saunter to the pristine beach at the Kurrawa Surf and Life Saving Club for a long and relaxed breakfast on their beach balcony. We’ll hang around, ogling at the semi nude sun worshippers, counting the waves and snickering at those who foolishly decided to drive here and miss all this! Bring your swimmers and a towel. At some point we’ll think of something else to do that’s not quite as hectic as we have to preserve our strength for tonight's BBQ. It’s all go on the Gold Coast.
BBQ at the Pool. Wander downstairs in your swimmers to the spectacular, Grecian inspired pool to catch the sunset and enjoy a drink or three before the Aussie barbie with the rest of the crowd that drove here.

Dear Viewer.  The page below has a lot of photos.  If you have a slow modem it will time out and on some images you will get a square with a red cross in the corner.  To open this image click the photo with the right button of your mouse, from the selection panel click the show picture option with the left button.  Enjoy.  Rod Sell.

Updated 30th April

My thanks to Laara Baldwin for this photo.

It looks like Kung Fu.  Staring Leaping Lizard and Praying Mantis.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photos.  Please send yours.

A quiet time for chatting.  Merian & Shody Chow, Paul Kwok, Phil Rosenberg, Skip Heinecke and Lulu Diespecker.

Chatting with friends and family in Qld.

Some like to dance.  Johnny Monteiro & Bobby Walker, Christine & Adam McIlravey.

Adam & Fiona McIlravey.  The sun is getting to them.

Super Casual.  Phil, Suzy and Skip.

Guess who got the short straws.


Nicky & Jennifer Vargassoff, Jose Barros and Rosemary Baker got KP duty at the BBQ.  Image from Carlos Barros.

Drinks with Qld  friends.  Image from Roy Hutchinson.

(Bobbie Trenchard)
Hi Rod,

Sending in following emails some photos of Sunday night's barbecue in the
lovely grounds of the Aquarius Resort where some of the Gold Coast attendees
stayed.  The committee did an incredible job in putting on the trad Aussie
barbie...medium rare steaks, chicken, prawns and every salad imaginable.  It
was great way to wander around and catch up with everyone, loads of fun, and
we rolled with laughter as Gopal Lalchandani and Johnny Monteiro traded joke
for joke nonstop for what must have been at least an hour.. Afterwards
courtesy of Laara and Denny "donating" their apartment as the venue, Phil
launched his CD to a rousing chorus of "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill"
and it was back to the old days of rock n roll.  And the piece de resistance
with drum roll - A Little Bit of Soap.  Hilarious, a great night and the
best music thanks to Phil!

Laara, Bobbie, Jack, Dennis, Gopal, Johnny and Ron.

Laara, Bobbie, Jack and Dennis in stitches.

The Group

Johnny, Bobbie and Ron

Jack and Denny

Laara, Johnny and Ron


(Maunie Kwok)
My thanks to Maunie Kwok for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Paul Kwok with Laara (Baldwin) and Lulu (Diespecker)

Dr Nick preparing to feed the masses

Cherry (Gardner) & Peter Clark

Bobbie (Walker), Johnny Monteiro and Ron Park

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