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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Tuesday Blue Mountains 6th March

Coach Tour to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday 6th March Meeting Time & Place is 7.45am at the rear entrance of the Wentworth Hotel in Bligh Street. We have a lot of miles to cover today so please do not be late as we will not be able to hold the coach for late-comers.

Updated 25th May

My thanks to Terry Peters for this photo

Echo Point, but they were all speaking at once.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photo.  Please send yours.

On the Bus to the Mountains.  Sandra & Sid Fattedad with Janina Rodrigues in the back.

Christina and Adam McIlravey looking at Taiwanese imports.

Take this one as Read.  Tim & Kathy (Huber) Ellis,  Les Baker and Lulu (Diespecker) Lee.

Frank Rodrigues, Dianna Moyer, Helen & James Clements, Janina Rodrigues.

Graham Cochrane, Mary (Gillett) Farrell, Helen (Feldman) & Mike Dalton, Fletch Bolsover, Diana (Parker) Mullan, Mike Terry, Eric & Christine Thurston, Sheila (Brice) Bolsover.

Bea Peters, Margaret-Ann (Jennings) Hambly, Penny (Jennings) Mcguire-White, Pauline (Williams), Ross Peters, Terry Peters, Bob Burnaby

Lulu, Roy, Nora, Anders, Christine, Richard & June Tieken, Adam and Helen Lew.

Gillian (Aldington) Wiedorn, Tini & Phil Rosenberg, Tim Martin, Merian & Shody Chow, Micael Mylvaganam, Paul Wiedorn.

Roy, Pauline, Christine & Adam, Helen and Nora.

Rosemary, Bill, Jack, Maunie, Skip, Fiona, Carolyn and Shellie.

Marylou Strom,  Monica Chang, Brian Eastman, Roy Tjioe, Johnny & Carol Monteiro, Denny Brausen and Laara Baldwin.

Julia Tingay, John Maver, Maunie Kwok, Jose & Suzy Barros, Cherry & Peter Clark.

The Table got turned with Jack & Julia (Tingay) Moolenschot at the top and Diana (Day) Maver next to Jose.

Frank Rodrigues and Vivian (Roach) Morley.  What can we Title this one. "Don't Mess with me?"

To see more Blue Mountains Images from Jose Barros, Maunie Kwok and Roy Tjioe

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