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Email from Sid & Sandra Fattedad

Hi Rod:
Sandra and I visited Hong Kong recently and met up on several different occasions with some of the 2002 re-union committee members - Johnny Monteiro, Haresh Shamdasani and Anders Nelson. From all accounts, the committee is quite positive and confident that there will be a large turnout. We took a few photos with Anders outside CBS school just behind the old Miramar Hotel and also at his favorite haunt the Pappa Razzi cafe. We are also attaching a few shots of the old Chung King Mansion and some shots looking up Nathan Road. Thought you might be interested in posting these on your web site.
Best regards,
Sid and Sandra Fattedad     November 2001

Sid & Anders Nelson outside CBS

Anders & Sandra outside CBS

Sandra & Anders at Papa Razzi's

Kung Hie Fat Choy or was Anders testing the wind.

Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road.  Can you spot Sid in the crowd.

Looking north up Nathan Road.

Looking south down Nathan Road

Email from Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman

Hi Rod,

Something for the website.  Hopefully we can get a few out to Vancouver and maybe even Las Vegas.

Was down in San Diego from June 14th to 19th and was able to hook up with Carolyn the afternoon and overnight on June 18th.  I drove from Lake San Marcos where I was visiting my Aunt down to Cardiff by the Sea (Encinitas).  We had a great Mexican lunch courtesy of her neighbour and I admired her lovely location.  Great views and great company.  We went out for a fabulous dinner at Brigantine's in San Diego near Sea World and had to die for Calamari.  We then went for a walk on the sea front and drove back singing listening to great California music.  We then went to the car wash and sang all the way through.  Haven't had such a great time since Australia.  We made a pact to do this at least once a year.

As for future possible KGV get togethers, Dennis and I are meeting up with Madeline (O'Connell) and Graham Jones, Dickie Gasten and Sid and Sandra in Vancouver in August.  We will be there from August 16th to the 19th so PLEASE, anyone that is in the area, please join us for a party somewhere.

ALSO...am planning a trip to Las Vegas September 13-16th.
Anyone in the area at that time please contact me and we can go for food, drink, lots of laughs and DANCING (not necessarily in that order) for one of the evenings.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Also enclosing a picture of Simeon and me.  We had a great visit too!

Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman  23rd June 2001

My thanks to Laara for these photos

Lara Baldwin & Carloyn Ames in San Diego.

Carolyn Ames  and Lara and Simeon Baldwin.

(Madeline O'Connell Jones To Vancouver)

Rod what a gem! The website is fantastic! DID I really beat you up at Quarry Bay? Surely not moi?! Tomboy yes mugger no or..........?
Is it possible to create an ongoing page where we can report our position and movements around the place? Graham and I are going to Vancouver for three weeks from 1st Aug to 22nd Aug to stay with my brother Tim who lives there - hope to drive and see Deny and Laara in Calgary (do they still hold rodeos!?) for a day or two. ..Like to meet up for a beer with anyone in Vancouver.

THEN in Feb 2002 we are taking my mum to Oz she is meeting up with Anne Marie Lee and is dying to see Eileen Baker whom she taught - are there any other DGS girls or staff that KGVers are in touch with? Obviously Brian Eastman is in very close touch with Eileen!
Going to see Skip and Kathleen again when my golf swing is acceptable - straight line but lots of hits - I prefer horses.

Phil R the CD is so great Ive had so many friends and family wanting copies Ive sung and bopped my way round a make over of the kitchen and while marking piles of assignments - everyone got a good grade.
Keep mailing Madeline O'Connell Jones xx   10th May 2001

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