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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Friday Gala Farewell Dinner 9th March

Gala Farewell Dinner-Dance on Friday 9th March From 7pm to 12.30am at the Wentworth Hotel. Pre-dinner drinks will be served in the Canberra Room on the 1st floor. Dinner will be served in the adjoining Brisbane Room, followed by a night of fun and dancing. During the evening we will also be having a very special lucky door prize, several items for raffle, and a model of a Star Ferry will be auctioned. Dress for the evening will be dressy smart casual.

Updated 27th May

My thanks to Terry Peters for these photos

Terry and Bea Peters, Paul & Gillian (Aldington) Wiedorn and Ross Peters

Norma (Stevens) Thompson, Alan Stevens, Skip Heinecke, Paul Wiedorn (Hidden), Gillian (Aldington) Wiedorn, Ross Peters, Bea Peters. Donald Dunne

The Stevens: Sylvia Hopkins, Alan Stevens, Norma Thompson

The Stevens again: Alan, Norma and Sylvia

My thanks to June Tieken for these photos.

Maunie with a much relieved smile.

And the winner is.  Nicholas Vargassoff, Brian Eastman & Ruy Barros.

Margaret Ann (Jennings) Hambly

Monica Reeve and June Tieken

Shellie (Hausman) Hagerman with husband Bill and Fiona McIlravey

Roy Hutchinson with Christina & Adam McIlravey.

My thanks to Norma Thompson for these photos.

Sylvia Stevens Hopkins, Ian Harris, John Eastman

Ross Peters, Jury Dunne, Bea Peters, Don Dunne.

Alan Stevens, Skip Heinecke, Paul Wiedorn.

Alan Stevens, Norma Stevens Thompson, Terry Peters, Donald Dunne

Terry Peters and Norma Stevens Thompson at the dinner dance(flushed with wild dancing!)

My thanks to Madeline O'Connell Jones for this photo.

Carolyn Ames, Graham Jones and Monica Chang.

My thanks to Monica Chang for these photo.  Please send yours.

The Class of 61 (No that's not their age)

The Honeymooners.

A break between dancing.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photo.  Please send yours.

Ron Park directing the "Peanut Gallery"  around the table are Cecil Harvey, Lesley & Sharon Harvey, Dianna Moyer, Ron Park, Gopal Lalchandani, ? with back to camera.

"The Gang of 4"  remember them.  Cecil Havey, Nicky Vargassoff, Les Harvey and Gopal Lalchandani.

The KGV Choir about to sing the descant version of the School Song.
Les & Rosemary Baker, Bob & Pauline Burnaby, Frank & Janina Rodrigues.

Rosemary & Les Baker, and Pauline (Williams) Burnaby.

The Front Row Scrum.  Graham Jones with Carolyn Ames and Madeline (O'Connel) Jones.

Dennis Brausen and Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman.

Adam McIlravey showing the Picture he won to Janina Rodrigues, Bob Burnaby and Rosemary Baker.
Christine McIlravey later had most of the congregation sign the picture.

My thanks to Jose Barros for these 2 photo.  Please send yours.

Ruy, Suzy and Caroline Barros  leading the School Song.

Sue Trodd, Cecil Harvey, Nicky Vargassoff, Les Harvey and Gopal Lalchandani.

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