K.G.V. School

2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Friday AM 16th March. Versace Hotel

F R I D A Y 1 6 t h.
Versace Hotel morning tea, followed by a choice of leisurely walks or perhaps some shopping?

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Updated 12th May

My thanks to Pauline Williams for this photo.  Please send yours.

Sneaking through the back way.  A bit like leaving School early by jumping over the back gate.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photos.  Please send yours.

The group acting out the "Movie Chariots of Fire"

Our Mob are trying for the high jump, except Phil who is trying a "Can Can"

So much for the Beach.  Back to the Food.

Now this is a Venue.

(Roy Hutchinson)
My thanks to Roy Hutchinson for the photos of the Morning Tea below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Sand and Surf to build an appertite

Just the place for a cup of Cha.

Feeding time again.

Roy, Lulu and Nora contemplate another meal.

I hope that's coffee in the cups, or the tea is very strong.

Just the venue to show off the jewellery.

Roy and Maunie planning the next reunion.

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