K.G.V. School

2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Thursday 15th March. PM.

T H U R S D A Y 1 5 t h.

Free to do your own thing tonight. Fancy a movie? Some late night shopping? Fancy noodles, sushi, pasta, curry, sweet and sour, burritos, seafood, mee goring, bagels or simply stay in and watch the TV?

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(Tony Williams)
My thanks to Tony Williams for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Where Shall We Eat Tonight.  Follow the Bakers and Burnaby's with this tough decision.

Funny how everything revolves around the next meal when on holidays.

One last drink before we find somewhere to eat.

Pauline (Williams) Burnaby

Rosemary Baker

Tony Williams

Bob Burnaby

Les Baker playing stone, paper, scissors to see where they ate.

Italian how nice.  It makes a break from Chinese.

Les is still playing stone, paper, scissors.

I like the fish tank in the back.  Very HK.

Oh.  It's not a fish tank.  Silly me.

Oh look the rest of the gang is here.  Isn't that Skip Heinecke.

That looks good.

Restaurant for messy eaters.

Then they started playing the no food in mouth game.  Or was it Doctors and Nurses.

Denny got his priorities right.

Are these my glasses?

No they are my glasses.

Food at last.  We were starting to get hungry.

I think Les was telling them how to play stone, paper, scissors.

Or maybe it was something else.

Anyway I made room for desert.

And so did we.

Oh brother, not another photo.

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