K.G.V. School

2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Friday 16th March. Back to the Future.

F R I D A Y 1 6 t h.
The Ultimate KGV Gala Rock ‘n Roll Shindig! The Mother of all Last Night Parties with plenty of Chantilly rock ’n Kangaroo roll! Fabulous typical Queensland location at The Paradise Springs Golf Club, ‘groovy’ 50’s/60’s disco plus professional rock ’n roll dancers. Elvis lives! Wear your dancing shoes for a night you’ll never forget (or hopefully can’t remember!).

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(Tony Williams)
My thanks to Tony Williams for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

The Party's over.  Viva La Reunion.

Monica Reeves and Jack McIlvarey anticipating the trip back to the UK.

Bob on the bus.

Memories of the past 2 weeks.  How about scanning some for these pages.

Bob and Pauline Burnaby

Diana (Day) and John Maver.

Eddie and Irene Xavier

Fiona and Christina McIlravey

Marylou, Laara, Denny and hungry Jack (good name for a burger chain).

Jose and Susie Barros.  They have lived this Reunion for the past 2 years.

Gillian and Paul Wiedon with Susie and Jose Barros.

Les and Rosemary Baker.

The Honorary Treasurer.  He can smile now.

Bobby Walker with Tony Williams.  Like the Tie.

Irene, Tony, Pauline, Bobby, Phil, Hilda, Helen, Anders, Nora and Skip.

Phil, Pauline and Bob.

Gillian, Phil, Susie, Roy, Les and Peter singing the School Song.

Back Row. Adam, Maunie,Johnny,Phil, Lulu, Rosalie and Cherry
Front  Diana, Helen and Monica

Fred and Ginger.

Skip doing some Irish dancing, Cheryl and Peter

Susie, Rosalie and Diana.

Some of the Committee.  Jose and Susie Barros, Nicky Vargassoff, Maunie Kwok and Les Baker.

Carolyn Ames with Hilda Richards.

Peter and Cheryl Poulson.

Tony and Pauline Williams

Bobby Walker and Tony Williams.

Johnny, Monica, Adam, Nicky, Maunie,Lulu, Jack and Phil

Diana, Rosalie, Cherry, Johnny, Adam, Monica, Nicky and Maunie.

May the music never stop.

Looks like one of the Scottish Reels from Friday Club.

Looks like a Girls only dance.

Bobbie Walker with Jack McIlravey.  Carolyn Ames in the back.

A do your own thing dance.

Now this is a Classic KGV pose.

Another Classic KGV pose.  You will have to work out the names yourself.

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