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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Tuesday Blue Mountains 6th March

Coach Tour to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday 6th March Meeting Time & Place is 7.45am at the rear entrance of the Wentworth Hotel in Bligh Street. We have a lot of miles to cover today so please do not be late as we will not be able to hold the coach for late-comers.

My thanks to Jose Barros for these photo.  Please send yours.

Lunch as the fog lifts.  Clockwise Diana (Day) Maver, Suzy Barros, Cherry (Gardner) & Peter Clark, Jack & Julia (Tingay) Moolenschot, John Maver.

The group with the 3 Sisters in the back.

Now you can see who they are.  I think there are a few ring ins as well.

Peter & Cherry Clark and Suzy and Jose Barros.

Sid Fattedad with Jose Barros, Kathy (Huber) Ellis in the back.

A great view for all except Cherry who had her eyes closed.

I think they are all holding on quite tightly.

(Maunie Kwok)
Day 3 Tuesday 6th March

I awoke, drew back my hotel room curtains and groaned. What had happened to our lovely Aussie weather? It was another overcast morning and this was the one day it needed to be fine. We were heading off in two coaches on the Blue Mountains tour and needed clear weather so we could see the spectacular mountain views. I phoned home (I live in the Blue Mountains) to check the weather only to be told it was foggy. "Oh no, it canít be" I exclaimed, but it was.

We departed from the Wentworth Hotel at 8am and on the way made a detour drive-through of the Olympic site at Homebush with a fifteen minute photo stop near the main stadium.

From there we continued west towards the mountains and the closer we got to Echo Point, where the Three Sisters rock formation is situated, the thicker the fog became and the more disappointed I became. Everyone was very gracious and kept telling me I couldnít control the weather but that didnít help my disappointment. Some hardy folk braved the elements and stood in the fog with the invisible Three Sisters in the background and had photos taken, whilst others headed for the Tourist Information Centre to shop. Fortunately there were some colourful wild parrots on the seed bells outside the windows waiting to be photographed.

We then walked a short distance to the Pavilion Restaurant for a delicious lunch. Part way through our meal the sun started to break through and in a few seconds the curtain of fog had lifted and there in front of us was a beautiful view. I wish I could take credit for the fog lifting, as it was quite dramatic and almost appeared choreographed, but unfortunately I canít.  However, someone up there certainly was kind to us. After lunch everyone walked back down to Echo Point to see the visible Three Sisters.

Photographs taken, it was back on the coaches and a five minute drive to Scenic World for rides on the Scenic Skyway and Scenic Railway. The latter appeared to be the most popular ride going by all the nervous laughter, squeals and "wows!"

Next stop was an hour away at Springside Gallery, Bilpin, owned by a very dear friend of mine, Christine Bailey, who makes exquisite porcelain pottery. We had delicious Devonshire tea at the gallery (and a few people shopped) before boarding the coaches for the return trip to the hotel, which included a drive past the Olympic Regatta Centre on the way. A long but enjoyable day.

Vivien (Roach) Morley (standing), Elspeth (McAuley) Lamb, Anne (Reynolds) & Nigel Williams, Sid & Sandra (Quinn) Fattedad, and Tim Ellis

Bea Peters, Margaret-Ann (Jennings) Hambly, Penny (Jennings) Mcguire-White, Ross Peters, Pauline (Williams) & Bob Burnaby

Frank Rodrigues

Merian & Shody Chow, Micael Mylvaganam, Paul & Gillian (Aldington) Wiedorn, Tini & Phil Rosenberg and Tim Martin.

Graham Cochrane, Mary (Gillett) Farrell, Mike & Helen (Feldman) Dalton, Diana (Parker) Mullan, Mike Terry, Eric & Christine Thurston

Helen (Kim) Lew, Nora Sun, Lulu (Diespecker) Lee in the fog with the invisible Three Sisters rock formation behind them.


(Roy Tjioe)
Rod, I see that you've updated the website for the reunion and that you're taking contributions, so I thought that I should forward this to you.

cheers, it was nice meeting you down undah.

Roy Tjioe

The first picture shows me (Roy Tjioe) at the "Three Sisters" rock formation, the second shows me and Jose Barros

 The third shows a typically happy gathering, this time for lunch.  As you can see, there was heavy fog in the background.  After lunch, it lifted, and we got the tremendous view that you see in the first picture.  That was typical of the good luck we had on this trip regarding the weather, which was cool and sunny all week.

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