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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Wednesday 14th March.
Dinner with the Rosenberg's.


Dear Viewer.  The page below has a lot of photos.  If you have a slow modem it will time out and you will get a square with a red cross in the corner.  To open this image click the photo with the right button of your mouse, from the selection panel click the show picture option with the left button.  Enjoy.  Rod Sell.

My thanks to Bobbie Trenchard  for these photo.  Please send yours.
Hi Rod,
Just a couple more to add to the memory of that great night at Tini and Phil's beautiful penthouse overlooking the beach and the ocean.  They were wonderful hosts - delicious food, flowing vino, questionable karaoke, more of "the CD" and dancing yet again.  Many thanks to them both for such a fun and noisy night...hope the carpet survived, but especially hope the neighbours have recovered!.

Rosie, Pauline, Diana and Tini

Hostess Tini Rosenberg and Fiona McIlravey

Adam McIlravey, Maunie (Bones) Kwok, Nora Sun

Leslie Harvey and Hilda Richards

Cheryl Poulson, Peter Poulson, Bobbie (Walker) and Monica (Chang)

My thanks to Jose Barros for this photo.  Please send yours.

Doris (Day) & John Maver singing that smash hit.  "A Little Bit of Soap"
To waaash away something. Now I am sure Phil has taped all these and will be making a CD. Image from Jose Barros.

(Maunie Kwok)
My thanks to Maunie Kwok for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Dinner at the Rosenbergs
The Party Photos were taken at Phil & Tini's home

Carolyn Ames and Rosemary Baker

Peter Poulson, Bobbie (Walker) and Laara (Baldwin)

Hilda (Richards) and Maunie (Bones)

"Boy! do I have a juicy bit of gossip for you."

"The Look of Love"  (Jose and Suzy)

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