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2001 The Oz Reunion

The Daily Diary
Tuesday 13th March. Life's a Beach.

T U E S D A Y 1 3 t h.
The Perfect Day Tour. The award winning Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is not to be missed with kangaroos that you can walk amongst and stroke, koalas you can hold and the incredible and colourful bird feeding frenzy. Then off to The Mermaid Café for a very relaxed cosmopolitan lunch, with absolutely stunning views along the beach. Relax, order another drink, go for a swim or watch the surfies. Life’s such a beach!

Dear Viewer.  The page below has a lot of photos.  If you have a slow modem it will time out and you will get a square with a red cross in the corner.  To open this image click the photo with the right button of your mouse, from the selection panel click the show picture option with the left button.  Enjoy.  Rod Sell.

My thanks to Les Baker for these photos.  Please send yours.

A very early start to get to Currumbin by feeding time.

Yes they are still awake.

Laara feeding the Crimson Lorikeets.

Very Colourful and these never go hungry.

Bob feeding a Kangaroo.

This one isn't that interested.

Nora and the rest of the gang giving breakfast to the birds.

A sleepy mob back for lunch, if they can stand up that long.

Lunch is over.  The plates and glasses are all empty.  Time for a nap.

My thanks to (Bobbie Trenchard)  for the photos below.
If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Hi Rod,

Herewith some pics of another action packed day on the Gold Coast.  An early start to see the lorikeet feeding at Currumbin Sanctuary.  They flock in for their special honey, bread and water mix from about 8 am, so it was "up with the birds" for us too.  And some were rewarded (they say it's lucky) with plops from above.  Johnny Monteiro got plopped on twice, so looks like a great year ahead for him.  Not only that, but we had a special showing of the koalas which Phil arranged for us with the Sanctuary staff.  Holding a koala was a big first and a thrill for me and I'm an adoptive Aussie.  But again the real "luck" was Pauline's and Skip's who were pooped on into the bargain.  The wildlife, the kangaroos and wallabies were terrific, but the leisurely lunch at Mermaids was very welcome in the heat of the day and great to relax with the surf rolling in right under our noses.
We did our own thing after lunch..some to play golf, and some of us headed for the beach and had a fantastic couple of hours diving through the waves.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cherry and wallaby.

Maunie Bones and Hilda Richards

Johnny, Bobbie, Koala,and Pauline.  I know which were the Wildlife.

Skip Heinecke and "Shitty" The Koala
One of the "lucky" ones.

Laara, Johnny and Bobbie
Who got "lucky"?

Fearless leader, Phil, with with Laara and Dennis.
Why weren"t we "lucky" too?
I think it must be his Animal Magnetism. (Rod)

Jack, Johnny and some of the gang

Laara and Dennis at the beach after lunch at Mermaids.

Jack McIlravey the surfie.

Laara Zimmerman and the lovely Fiona McIlravey

(Tony Williams)
My thanks to Tony Williams for the photos below.  If you have any please email them and if possible with comments.

Bob Burnaby, Anders Stenberg and Roy Hutchinson.

Jack McIlravey.  "Am I on the right bus?", opposite Marylou Strom and ?

Carolyn Ames. "Are we really going to see Crocodile Dundee Tomorrow".

Monica Chang.  "Now that's a mineral water".

Bob and Pauline (Williams) Burnaby.

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