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The main objective of this group is the exchange of stamps and information relating to Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfin stamps.  To develop increased knowledge of the different markings and identify those still on the unknown list.  To list, where possible with illustrations the known items so as to assist all collectors of this field.

If you can supply information or an image of any item not listed.  Please send the details to Rod Sell at

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Security Markings

Information On Security Marks and Perfins

Covers, Postcards etc. with Security Markings

Group I Company Names Listing

Group I Company Names Images

Group I Cover Images

Group II Company Initials Listing

Group II Company Initials Images

Group II Cover Images

Group III Perfin Listing

Group III Perfin Images & Information

Group III, & IV Cover Images

Group IV Miscellaneous Listings

Group IV Miscellaneous Images

Other Chinese Character Markings

Group V Forwarding Agents used as Security Markings Listing

Group V Forwarding Agents used as Security Markings Images

Forwarding Agents Listings with company data

Forwarding Agents Listings with images in PDF

Group VI Unidentified Security Markings Listing

Group VI Unidentified Security Markings Images

Revenue Markings

Firm Markings on Revenues Listings

Firm Markings on Revenues Images 

 Other Markings

Directional Marking Images

Other Non Security Markings

Displays & Other Items

Frank Drake's One Frame Exhibit at Hong Kong STAMPEX 2006

Company Names Images on the 1898 10cent on 30cent

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