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Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfins

Revenues Group I - Company Markings Images.

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Groups III to V

Group III: Perfins on QV issues A-Z

1  A K/& Co. Arnhold Karberg & Co. HK 5mm letters 46holes

Image from Philippe Orsetti

Image from Rod Sell

1A  A S W/& Co Ld. -  A. S. Watson & Co. HK, 5mm letters, 75holes

Image from Frank Drake

Image from Frank Drake

2  C&/Co. Carlowitz & Co. 5mm letters 34holes

Image from Philippe Orsetti

Image from Frank Drake

3  C&C/H Carlowitz & Co. 5mm letters 39holes

Image from Philippe Orsetti

3A  D.A. / B., Deutsche Asiatische Bank
53 pinholes (17+17 / +19 = 53) and with letter height at 7 mm.

Image from Frank Drake

3B  E.S / & Co. Eduard Schellass & Co. 5.5mm letters 57 pinholes

Image from Philippe Orsetti

4  H&S/B.C HK & Shanghai Banking Corporation

Image from Philippe Orsetti

5  HOLIDAY WISE and Co.   5.5mm letters 63 holes. 

Image from Frank Drake

Group IV: Miscellaneous on QV issues

1   Chinese Characters Tai Cheung,  upright oblong framed 29x14,  red markings.

Image from Wing Yiu Chu 

2   Chinese Characters Tung Jarn  elongated single oval, 26 mm x 13.5 mm, two vertical Chinese characters inside oval frame approx. 9mm x 9 mm.

Image from Frank Drake.

3   Chinese Characters  circular  Seal

Image from Philippe Orsetti.

4   Chinese Characters  Ah Ding

Image from Adam Williamson

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