Newsletter No 7 January 2001

In just a few short weeks 130+ exKGV folk & their partners will be enjoying the sights of the beautiful harbour city of Sydney and the holiday playground of the Gold Coast as well as catching up with old friends. An up-to-date list of attendees is attached.

If you are one of those who plan to attend but have not yet sent your registration forms and full payment, why not do so today. Many of the events are filling fast and we would hate anyone to miss out. If you have misplaced your forms go to our web site at where you will find registration forms and past newsletters.

Payment Those of you who have sent in your registration forms with deposits but have not yet paid in full, it is now time to forward your balance payment. If you initially paid by credit card and wish to pay the balance with the same card, please send our Treasurer Les Baker an email <> authorising him to do so.

Sydney hotel As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have to confirm room numbers with the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney by a certain date. We have managed to negotiate a bit more time but will have to notify them of numbers by the end of January. After that date we cannot guarantee we will be able to obtain further rooms for late comers at the special reunion rate. So please don’t leave your booking any longer. If you require a smoking room at the Wentworth Hotel please notify Les Baker as soon as possible or you will be allocated a non-smoking room.

Food In a previous newsletter we asked you to let us know if you are a vegetarian. If you have not yet told us, please email <> as we want to be sure to cater for everyone’s needs.

Starting times of Sydney events We have received enquires regarding starting times for Sydney events. All attendees will be notified of times/venues/meeting places/departure points in a special newsletter to be sent out next month. Also, everyone registered to attend the Welcome Reception will receive a Welcome Pack which will include tickets for events, meeting times/places, general info, brochures, etc. We plan to have a table set up outside our courtesy room at the Wentworth Hotel for a couple of hours on the afternoon of Sunday 4th March for those registered to collect their Welcome Pack and gift. We will also be handing out Welcome Packs at the Reception to those unable to collect them in the afternoon. Some Sydney folk who are not attending the Welcome Reception but are attending one or two other events will be sent their event tickets and details of meeting times, in advance. More details regarding this will be in the next newsletter.

The Weather In Sydney in March the weather is usually warm although it can be changeable so we suggest you bring lightweight clothes with perhaps a jacket and/or sweatshirts in case a cool change comes through. The Gold Coast will be warm and the usual day-time mode of dress is shorts, T-shirts or similar, and sandals.

Sydney Gala Farewell Dinner-Dance Another query we have received is regarding what to wear to the Gala Farewell Dinner-Dance. We would love to have made it a formal night but, as so many folk are traveling from overseas and would not want to bring formal clothes, we have decided on Smart Dressy Casual.

Hong Kong KGV FPA Many of you, who are members of the parent KGV Former Pupils Association in Hong Kong, would recently have received an informative newsletter from them which included information on the Australian reunion. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for including the Australian reunion in their newsletter. We are sure you will join us in congratulating Dan Hooley (President of the HK KGV FPA) and John Ryan (the new Computer Systems Manager at KGV) for the excellent publication. If you would like to receive future mailouts from Hong Kong we suggest you become a member of the Hong Kong FPA. Send an email <> for details of how to join.

Photo Montage If you are one of those who has not yet sent your passport-size signed photo to be included in the reunion photo montage, could you please do so ASAP, as we do not want any reunion attendee’s face to be left off the montage. Send to Phil Rosenberg to his home address 96 Oceana, 100 Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach Qld 4218, Australia.

Itinerary Changes : The Gold Coast Is A Many Splendoured Thing .....

Phil Rosenberg who lives on the Gold Coast carefully planned each day of the Gold Coast programme and almost a year ago we sent you the best suggestions at the time, and were very pleased with your response. But, now that it is getting closer to the reunion time, Phil has discovered a couple of options he would really love you to enjoy so there have been some changes made to the Gold Coast itinerary.

We originally listed a night out at the Dracula Show because it was such good fun. It still is, but it has been replaced with something much closer to our hearts - the movie ‘Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing.’ Who could pass up a Night of Nostalgia trying to guess all the location shots in the classic 1955 movie starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones? It will be shown on a big TV screen at a local Surf & Lifesaving Club right on the beach. The A$50 cost remains the same and still includes dinner. ‘Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing’ will be shown on Wednesday night. If any of you would, in addition, still like to see ‘Dracula’ we have set aside Thursday night as a Do-Your-Own-Thing night, so please let Phil know and he will arrange it for you.

There are two further changes to the Gold Coast programme. Instead of having the cruise on Friday, the last day, it has been decided to move it to Thursday. We feel a long day cruise might have meant too much of a rush to return to the hotel to get ready for the Rock ‘n Roll Shindig. Also, the cruise has been changed and we will now be visiting one of Australia’s premier eco-resorts, Couran Cove Resort, set in the unspoilt area of South Stradbroke Island. We will board their exclusive catamaran to the resort where you will be able to wander around - and swim if you want to - before catching their ‘train’ (more an elongated golf cart) to their excellent surfside restaurant on the beach. Take a look at their website These first class facilities cost more than a simple island cruise so we have had to increase the price from A$40 to A$69. Worth every cent as you will appreciate when you experience this wonderful day out. We have moved the Versace visit to a relaxed Friday morning.

Attached is a revised Gold Coast itinerary plus a registration form.

"There you go and baby, here I am, well you ........’

Ah, there is nothing like a Golden Oldie to bring on a wonderful tinge of nostalgia, is there? Which of the many great songs remind you of that slow dance with someone special, the great party at whatsisnames or the night you all went out to that nightclub with the great band. Just for fun, tell us your top five songs, those very special ones that whenever you hear them they automatically remind you of your good ‘ol days at KGV. Phil will then compile The Ultimate Top 10 KGV Songs and let you know what they are. Everyone is welcome to send their list, including those of you who, sadly, will not be coming to the reunion. Don’t hesitate - email Your Top 5 before 1st February to Phil Rosenberg <>

This has been a long newsletter but we are almost at the end. Some change of email addresses to finish off :

Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman <> (Home)

< (Work)

Diana (Moyer) Lincoln <>

Margriet Jose Slaager <>



*  = also attending Gold Coast

Hugo Ahwee – Australia
Alvaro & Therese Alonco – Australia
*Carolyn Ames – USA
*Leslie & Rosemary Baker – Australia
*Caroline (Baker) & Rui Barros – Australia
*Suzanne (Baker) & Jose Barros - Australia
Chris Bell & partner – Australia
Wim Boele – Australia
Sheila (Brice) & Fletch Bolsover – USA
Fearn (Cochrane) & Paul Bolt – Australia
Barry Bruce – Australia
*Pauline (Williams) & Bob Burnaby – USA
Valerie (Souza) Castro – Australia
*Monica Chang & friend – USA
Shody & Merian Chow – Hong Kong
*Cherry (Garner) & Peter Clark – Canada
*Helen (Taylor) & James Clements – UK
Graham Cochrane – Australia
Claire (Marchetti) & Brian Cox – Australia
Helen (Feldman) & Mike Dalton – USA
Elizabeth (Orem) & Erenie Davis – Australia
Rosalie (Bunton) Davis – Australia
Mardi (Muir) Duncanson – Australia
Donald & Jury Dunne – Australia
Brian & Eileen Eastman – Australia
John & Celia Eastman – Australia
Kathy (Huber) & Tim Ellis – USA
Mary (Gillett) Farrell – USA
Sandra (Quinn) & Sid Fattedad – Canada
Richard (Dick) Gasten – Canada
Elaine (Souza) Guterres – Australia
Shellie (Hausman) & Bill Hagerman – USA
Margaret Ann (Jennings) Hambly – UK
Ian Harris – Australia
*Skip Heinecke – Ireland
Sylvia (Stevens) Hopkins – Australia
*Roy Hutchinson & friend – Switzerland
Neil Jagger – Australia
Madeline (O’Connell) & Graham Jones & family – UK
Michael Kooiaroff & wife – Australia
Maunie (Bones) & Paul Kwok – Australia
Elspeth (McAuley) & Robert Lamb – Australia
Charles Lee – Australia
*Louise (Diespecker) Lee – USA
*Helen (Kim) Lew – USA
*Tim Martin – UK
*Diana (Day) & John Maver – USA
Penny (Jennings) McGuire-White – Australia
*Adam & Christina McIlravey – UK
*Jack & Fiona McIlravey – UK
Barbara (Van de Linde) & John McSkimming – Aust
*Johnny & Carol Monteiro – Hong Kong
Julia (Tingay) & Jack Moolenschot – South Africa
Vivien (Roach) Morley – Australia
Diana (Parker) Mullan – UK
Marsha (Wernberg) & Wolfgang Nonn – USA
Ross Peters – Canada
Terry & Bea Peters – Canada
Chris & Jackie Pile – Australia
Peter & Cheryl Poulson – Australia
Frank & Janina Rodrigues – Australia
Phil & Tini Rosenberg – Australia
Hilary (Bradley) Sayers – Australia
Rodney Sell – Australia    Alan Stevens – Australia
*Nora Sun – China
June (Lee) & Richard Tieken – USA
Norma (Stevens) Thompson – New Zealand
Eric & Christine Thurston – UK
Roy & Robin Thioe & child – USA
*Nick & Jennifer Vargassoff – Australia
*Gillian (Aldington) & Paul Wiedorn – USA
Anne (Reynolds) & Nigel Williams – Australia
*Vianney Willy-Furth – UK
*Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman & partner- Canada

Attending only Gold Coast
Hilda (Richards) McKinnon – Australia
Wilma (Watson) Loveday – Australia
Bobbie (Walker) Trenchard-Smith – Australia
Eddie & Irene Xavier – Austraia

Not attending Sydney Welcome Reception but attending other events
Corinne (Ellery) & David Bottomly – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Vera (Rumianzoff) Coleman & husband – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Iris (Ellery) Faulkner – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Pat (Stewart) Fraser – Australia- Yum Cha Lunch
Heather (Anderson) Harper – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Leslie & Sharon Harvey – Dinner-Dance
Joan (Franklin) & Bill Izard – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Anne-Marie Lee – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch, Chinese Banquet & Hunter Valley tour
Anne (McLaren) Russell – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch
Susan (McLaren) Penn – Australia – Yum Cha Lunch