Newsletter No 6 -  December 2000


The dead-line date of 30th November for registration and final payment to attend The Ultimate KGV Reunion Down-Under 2001 has now passed. If you have not yet registered but are planning to join us at the best reunion ever, please donít be concerned as we will accept your late registration. However, it is suggested you send off your forms and full payment as soon as possible as some of the Sydney events are almost full and we would hate anyone to miss out. Also, we have to give final confirmation of room numbers to the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney sixty days before the start of the reunion (ie 3rd January) and can not guarantee we will be able to obtain further rooms at the extremely low special reunion rate after that date.

So far we have about one hundred people registered and know of many more who are planning to attend but have yet to send in their registrations, so there is no doubt this is going to be a great reunion.

To date those attending are :

Sydney Hugo Ahwee, Alvaro Alconco & wife, Carolyn Ames, Les & Rosemary Baker, Caroline (Baker) & Rui Barros, Suzanne (Baker) & Jose Barros, Chris Bell & friend, Wim Boele, Sheila (Brice) & Fletch Bolsover, Fern (Cochrane) & Paul Bolt, Corrine (Ellery) & David Bottomly, Barry Bruce, Pauline (Williams) & Bob Burnaby, Valerie (Souza) & Danny Castro, Monica Chang & friend, Shody & Merian Chow, Cherry (Gardner) & Peter Clark, Helen (Taylor) & James Clements, Graham Cochrane, Vera (Rumianzeff) Colman & husband, Helen (Feldman) & Mike Dalton, Elizabeth (Orem) Davis & husband, Rosalie (Bunton) & Rob Davis, Mardi (Muir) Duncanson, Donald & Jury Dunne, John & Celia Eastman, Brian & Eileen Eastman, Kathy (Huber) & Tim Ellis, Mary (Gillett) Farrell, Sid Fattedad, Sandra (Quinn) Leckenby, Richard Gasten, Shellie (Hausman) & Bill Hagerman, Margaret Ann (Jennings) Hambly, Heather (Anderson) Harper, Ian Harris, Skip Heinecke, Sylvia (Stevens) Hopkins, Norma (Stevens) Thompson, Roy Hutchinson & friend, Joan (Franklin) & Bill Izard, Mike Koodiaroff, Maunie (Bones) & Paul Kwok, Elspebth (Macauley) & husband, Anne-Marie Lee, Charles Lee, Louise (Diespecker) & Bill Lee, Helen (Kim) Lew, Claire (Marchetti) & Brian Cox, Diana (Day) & John Maver, Penny (Jennings) McGuire-White, Barbara (Van de Linde) & John McSkimming, Johnnie Monteiro, Julia (Tingay) & Jack Moolenschot, Vivien (Roach) Morley, Diana (Parker) Mullan, Neil Jagger, Terence & Bea Peters, Chris & Jackie Pile, Peter & Cheryl Poulson, Anne (Reynolds) Pike & partner, Frank & Janina Rodrigues, Phil & Tini Rosenberg, Ann (McLaren) Russell, Susan (McLaren) Penn, Rod Sell, Alan Stevens, Nora Sun, Eric & Christine Thurston, Roy & Robin Tjioe & child, Nick & Jennifer Vargassoff, Gillian (Aldington) & Paul Wiedorn, Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman & partner.

Gold Coast Les & Rosemary Baker, Suzanne( Baker) & Jose Barros, Cherry (Gardner) & Peter Clark, Helen (Taylor) & James Clements, Skip Heinecke, Roy Hutchinson & friend, Helen (Kim) Lew, Wilma (Watson) Loveday, Adam & Christina McIlravey, Hilda (Richards) McKinnon, Phil & Tini Rosenberg, Monica Chang & friend, Carolyn Ames, Nora Sun, Eric & Christine Thurston, Nick & Jennifer Vargassoff, Gillian (Aldington) & Paul Wiedorn, Eddie & Irene Xavier, Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman & partner

We have received a couple of queries as to why we require payment in full now when the reunion is not until early March. Regrettably it is necessary for us to ask for full payment in advance as it is required for operating capital. We have to outlay rather large deposits to the Wentworth Hotel, the coach companies, restaurants, tours and harbour cruise. We are a small group organising the reunion and, as individuals, we certainly could not afford to outlay the required deposits therefore require a firm commitment from attendees. We do hope you will understand our situation.

In newsletter no 4 in early November we advised that the Australian Dollar was at an all time low and suggested overseas folk take advantage of the situation and send full payment. Those of you who heeded our advice were very wise as the dollar is now slowly rising and, although still low, the exchange rate is not quite as favourable. We therefore suggest that if you havenít sent your full payment, you do so as soon as possible before the dollar rises further.

We have received a recent query regarding the proposed Where Are They Now booklet and unfortunately have to tell you that it will not be going ahead due to lack of support. Only a couple of people voiced an interest and for it to be a success we would need participation from everyone. Perhaps it is something to keep in mind for the future.

Some of you may have read that the Blue Mountains have recently been accepted on to World Heritage listing. If you have not already put your name down for the Blue Mountains day tour, we suggest you do so now as it is very nearly full. Donít miss the chance of seeing why this lovely area is now a World Heritage site.

Those of you who are attending the Welcome Reception on the first night of the reunion are in for a surprise as we have a sensational Welcome pack planned for each of you. We will also be selling quality souvenir polo shirts and caps. So bring your money with you!!!

If you are coming to the reunion and have any special dietary needs (eg vegetarian) could you please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure your requirements are catered for.

Three people have asked if I could include change-of-email-address in this newsletter,

Rick Severn <>

Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman <>

Shody Chow <>

An up-date from the Gold Coast

Magical Night of Nostalgia

We are pleased to announce we are going full-steam ahead with the showing of the classic movie ĎThe World of Susie Wongí at an absolutely fabulous Gold Coast beachfront location. See how many Hong Kong locations you recognise in this wonderful 1960 production starring William Holden as a struggling artist who meets and falls in love with prostitute Susie Wong. Inexpensive drinks will be available pre-movie at the bar to put you in the right mood, and afterwards we will enjoy a relaxed dinner on the balcony whilst listening to the gentle sounds of the surf.

Full details of this, and some other great changes you will really enjoy on your Gold Coast schedule, will soon be sent to all those attending the Gold Coast section.

Gold Coast Hotel Share

Some of you may prefer to share two-bedroom/two ensuite bathroom accommodation at the upscale Phoenician Resort. We have arranged special rates of A$800 for 7 nights for one bedroom, A$1160 for two bedroom. We already have one person who would like to share and Phil Rosenberg would be happy to act as co-ordinator to put other interested parties in contact with each other. If you would like to share, contact Phil via e-mail or phone +61 7 55380254.

Well, thatís it folks. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Magic Land of Oz in just twelve short weeks.

From all of us here, we wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year.

The Reunion Committee