Newsletter No 3 -  September 2000
Have you sent in your Registration Forms and deposits yet?
If not, we suggest you do so ASAP as the deadline of  30th November 2000 is fast approaching.  Also, we have just 60 rooms at each hotel allocated to us at the very special rates so we suggest you don’t leave your registration until the last minute as you may miss out.  And keep in mind that coaches and restaurants have limited seating and many events are filling up quickly.
So don’t end up disappointed - send your forms and money as soon as possible.

Apart from the Committee, those who have already registered are :
Rosalie (Bunton) & Rob Davis (Sydney)
Helen (Taylor) & James Clements (UK)
Louise (Diespecker) & Bill Lee (USA)
Sid Fattedad & Sandra (Quinn) Leckenby (Canada)
Sylvia (Stevens) Hopkins (Perth, Western Australia)
Norma (Stevens) Thompson (New Zealand)
Julia (Tingay) & Jack Moolenschot (South Africa)
Nora Sun (Shanghai, China)
Terence Peters & wife (Canada)
Alvaro Alonco (Sydney)
Sheila (Brice) & Fletcher Bolsover (USA)
Helen (Kim) Lew (USA)
Gillian (Aldington) & Paul Wierdon (USA)
Mary (Gillett) Farrell (USA)
Adam McIlravey & wife (UK)
Roy Hutchinson & friend (Switzerland)
Laara (Baldwin) Zimerman & husband (Canada)
Anne-Marie Lee (Sydney)
Neil Jagger (Sydney)
Roy Tjioe, wife & child (Hawaii)
Margaret (Jennings) Hambly (UK)
Penny (Jennings) Macguire-White (Melbourne)
Wilma (Watson) Loveday (Brisbane)
Hilda (Richards) McKinnon (Brisbane)

There are a number of people who have indicated they will be attending but as yet we have not received their registrations. How about it, folks?

Can’t decide whether to come to the reunion because you are not sure if any of your friends will be attending?
Why not come anyway.  What better place for a superb holiday than the beautiful harbour city of Sydney and the sparkling Gold Coast.  And think of the new friends you will meet.

Is your partner hesitant about attending?
Many non-KGV partners have attended previous reunions and found it is not all reminiscing about “the good old school days.”  They have actually enjoyed themselves.  So no excuses, please.  Sign up now for the best reunion ever, before it is too late.

What tours and functions have you booked for or plan to attend?
All the activities we have arranged are of top value and we would encourage you to sign up for everything and help make this reunion the greatest of all time.
We also hope you plan to continue on to the Gold Coast after Sydney as it is one of the country’s premier holiday locations with loads to do and see.

A$55 Airfares Sydney - Gold Coast
The Qantas/Ansett duopoly has been broken by no-frills airline Impulse, who created quite a stir with their incredibly cheap A$33 (about US$20) flights to/from Australia’s major cities.  Qantas and Ansett, plus Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Blue, quickly matched the price, which has now been withdrawn.  Currently Qantas and Ansett are offering A$55 (about US$32) one-way  Sydney to the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Airport.  Naturally, the cheapest fares have restrictions but the continuing good news is the airline war is expected to last for a year, so you can be confident of getting a cheap deal for your KGV reunion flights. You may not receive too much co-operation from your travel agents regarding the A$55 fare as it is only bookable on-line.  However, check with your travel agent as to which low price flights they can book, or check out the airlines’ websites yourself.
Virgin Blue

The Olympics are almost upon us and we suggest you  watch the telecasts and see for yourself what a spectacular city Sydney is.

Close your eyes and imagine clear blue skies, warm sunshine, pristine golden beaches lapped by white-capped surf.
Keep your eyes shut and picture steep rugged sandstone cliffs of orange and brown, and deep densely wooded valleys engulfed in a blue haze.  Taste a sumptuous lunch at a restaurant with magnificent views and later in the day a delicious Devonshire tea.
Imagine cruising on beautiful Sydney harbour as the sun sets and the lights of the city come to life.  What better way to spend an evening?
Now open your eyes, fill out your registration forms and  put your name down for the Northern Beaches and Blue Mountains tours as well as the Harbour Dinner Cruise.  And don’t forget the Hunter Valley wine tour.  Even if you are a non-drinker this will be a day of fun and revelry.
It is said that Chinese food in Sydney is better than in Hong Kong so why not attend the Yum Cha Lunch and Chinese Banquet Dinner and decide for yourself.
And lastly, you wouldn’t want to miss the Farewell to Sydney Dinner-Dance - a night of fun, laughter, dancing and partying - the perfect end to a wonderful reunion week in Sydney.

In our first newsletter we gave you some Web sites to browse and here are a couple more :  The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney and this site is full of info re markets, eating, shopping, activities etc.  This is a local government site but the ‘A to Z’ section is full of information about Sydney. where you can find magnificent photos of Sydney.

If you haven’t contacted The Phoenician at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast to make your hotel reservation, why not do so right now.  Don’t put it off as you may miss out.
Contact Giuliana Fuda - The KGV Reunion
The Phoenician
Queensland Avenue
Broadbeach Qld 4218
Tel +61 7 5585 8888
Fax +61 7 5585 8890
Email <>

The Gold Coast
Golfers’ Heaven     Golfers will be interested to know that six of Australia’s recently voted Top 10 Golf Courses are on the Gold Coast, including the exclusive Hope Island Resort, one of the two courses we have arranged for you to play at.  If you really enjoy golf you can play at a different course every day as we have well over 20 to choose from, all within a 30 minute drive from The Phoenician.  Contact Phil and he will be delighted to make arrangements for you.

“Six Stars” Morning Tea     There has been a lot of publicity about the world’s first Versace hotel, including  the much speculated star-studded guest list for the official opening in mid December, that includes rock stars, royalty and a virtual who’s who of the fashion world.  Your man on the Gold Coast and his wife have been invited by the General Manager to ‘test’ the pre-opening facilities with an overnight stay and will report back on exactly where we will be having the KGV ‘morning tea’ that has been exclusively arranged.  Don’t ask about the ‘Gulp!’ price and think only of the fabulous experience.

Magic Moments     We are planning a new special event that includes a movie that will have you all pointing to the screen and bursting into screams of nostalgia.  We’re negotiating with the film distributor and looking at several venues, so those of you fortunate enough to be attending the Gold Coast - and taking advantage of the cheap flights - watch out for further announcements about this unusual and entertaining evening.

Do nothing, but do it on the beach     Don’t forget to bring a couple of swimsuits with you.  The weather will be sunny, you will be staying where there is an incredibly impressive pool and you will be a few minutes walk from a 44km pristine and empty beach.  If you want to go surfing it is easy to rent a board, and if you can’t surf there are several places that will teach you in one afternoon.

Photo Montage     If you plan to attend the reunion, don’t forget to send Phil a signed passport size photo of yourself to be included in the photo montage.

Some people have only signed up for one section of the reunion, either Sydney or the Gold Coast.  Why not rethink your plans and sign up for both as each place has so much to offer.  Many of you are travelling to Australia from overseas so why not try and see as much as possible whilst you are here and spend double time with old and new friends.
A lot of hard work is being put into The Ultimate Down-Under KGV Reunion 2001 but we need you all to attend for it to be a really great success.

Email addresses of Committee members  Note : there have been some changes
  Nick Vargassoff (Chairman)
   Frank Rodrigues (Secretary)
   Les Baker (Treasurer)
   Jose & Susie Barros
   Vivien (Roach) Morley
   Maunie (Bones) Kwok
   Rui & Caroline Barros
   Philippa & Mitch Meredith
    Christopher Crook
   Claire (Marchetti) Cox
   Phil Rosenberg (Qld)
   Anne (Reynolds) Pike (WA)
   Hilary (Bradley) Sayers  (Vic)
  Committee members not on line :
  Brian Eastman
  Ian Harris

North American contacts :
Sid Fattedad
Sandra (Quinn) Leckenby

United Kingdom contact :
Jack McIlravey

For further information about Sydney  - contact :
Les Baker
33 Kitchener Street
St. Ives NSW 2075
Tel +61 2 9144 4635
or one of the other Committee members

For information about the Gold Coast -
contact :
Phil Rosenberg
96 Oceana
100 Old Burleigh Road
Broadbeach Qld 4218
Tel +61 7 5538 0254
Mobile +61 4 1237 4363

To request a copy of the first newsletter and registration forms by either email or regular mail or to add someone to our mailing list - contact :
Maunie (Bones) Kwok
PO Box 422
Blaxland East NSW 2774
Tel  +61 2 4739 2173
Fax +61 2 47392622

For those of you in North America
If you need any assistance with travel plans contact former student Nanik Lalchandani at his travel agency - details below :
Epic Travel Inc
38 West 32nd Street
Suite 1607
New York NY 100001
Tel (212) 629 3399
Fax (212) 629 3437