K.G.V. School

2001 The Oz Reunion

The KGV Oz Welcoming Committee.
Don't leave home without one.

Re-Union Photos

Hong Kong Re-Union March 1996

KGV School shortly after it was built in 1936. Argyle St. on the right.

At the cocktail party. Margaret Gautier, Babs (Dorothy) Baxter, Sonya Horwood.

Graham Cochrane, Alec Reeve, Les Baker, Sonya Horwood, Rod Sell

David Bunton, Graham Cochrane, Tom Bunton, Ian Harris
Front row Rod Sell, Les Baker

KGV Re-Union in Sydney 23rd June 1996

Some of the group at lunch

Mitch Meredith, David Clarke not sure the lady with back to photo

Les Baker left, Peter Poulson right, Peters wife in centre

Jose Barros, Rosalie Bunton, Rosalies freind, Suzie Baker

Caroline Baker, Raol Barros, Jennifer & Nicky Vargasoff

Vera Vargasoff, Vivien Roach not sure of the third lady

Rosemary Baker, Hugo Ahwee, Dave Clarke, not sure of the last lady

Doron Klinghofer and Daughter

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