K.G.V. School

 The Thailand Reunion 2003


Bangkok & Hua Hin

Names of those Attending

Remember, if you want to come early or stay over a few extra days, the same low rates apply!

Lists as at 28th January 2003.

Confirmed Reservations

1    Mr. Skip / Mrs. Kathleen HEINECKE
2    Mr. Gerald / Mrs. Marita LAISHLEY
3    AMES, Carolyn Ms.
4    BAKER, Robert Mr. & Mrs.
5    BARROS, Mr & Mrs.
      BRAUSEN, Dennis Mr.
6    CLEMENTS, Jamie Mr. / Helen Mrs.
7    COCHRANE, Graham Mr.
8    EDELSTEIN, Verona Ms.
9    FATTEDAD, Sandra Mrs. / Sid Mr.
10    HUTCHINSON, Roy Mr.
       HAGERMAN, Shellie Ms.
11    HORSTMANN, Bernhard Mr. / Victoria Mrs.
12    JONES, Graham Mr. / Mediline Mrs.
13    LEE, Louise D Ms.
       LEW, Helen Ms.
14    MONTEIRO, John Mr.
       MORLEY, Vivien Ms.
15    MCLLRAVEY, Adam Mr., Kristina Mrs.
16    MACKENZIE, Barbara Ms.
17    POUDRETTE, Mr. and Mrs.
18    RYAN, Monica C Ms.
19    SUN, Nora Ms.
       STROM, Lou Mary Ms.
20    ZIMERMAN, Laara Ms.


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