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Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfins


Following are discussions on the W.&.Co. perfin.

Email from Ming Tsang  2nd July 2001

I have found that Rod had used Wendt & Co. for the perfins
of W&Co. which was known as W. A. Hannibal & Co.
However, I believe that Wendt & Co. sounds more reasonable
although I don't know how Rod got that; because nobody would
use the first letter of his first name for the name of his company.
Any comments?

Email from Rod Sell  2nd July 2001

Dear Ming,
I have no evidence for the W & Co. to be Wendt and Co.
I was going on the Webb attribution and my latest HKSC listing.
What is currently shown in the HKSC listing?

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Last Modified  2nd July 2001