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T Perfin

Following are discussions on the T Perfin.

Frank Drake 4th August.

In the HK Philatelic Society's May 1999 Newsletter, a report was made of a pair of KGV$1 with multiple script CA and a KGV $2 with the same wmk, both bearing a "T" perfin. I have now managed to get hold of a scan of the KGV $1 pair and this is in the files attached.

The owner of the above mentioned stamps, also has the "T" perfin on a Land Transfer Document issued by the Taipo District Office. The owner collector has told me that he suspected three governement offices to have used such perfins on Hong Kong stamps used as duty fees on legal documents. In the early admistrative period, Hong Kong was divided into three administrative regions, namely Hong Kong island, the Kowloon peninsula, and the New Territories including the Outlying Islands. The government perfins used for perforating land documents may have comprised the "HK" for Hong Kong island, "K" for Kowloon, and "T" for the New Territories and the Outlying Islands.

We now have illustrated examples of the "HK" and the "T" perfins on KGV adhesives as well as their presence known on Land Tranfer Documents.  According to the owner of the "T" perfins, examples with the "K" perfin have been seen but are extremely rare because such land documents once issued for sites in Kowloon, would normally remain with their respective original owners and not subjected to transfers like the case with the other two regions.

Can anyone provide an illustration of the "K" perfin variety?

Frank Drake

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