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Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfins


Following are discussions on the Mail Day Company Markings.

Email from Lee Scamp 6th August 2001
Have been meaning to pass this on for awhile:  I believe if you look at your
"security" mark holdings you will find that a much larger percentage have
ship or arrival marks vs. HK cancel than the average population of stamps
without security markings.  This is because companies often put their mail
directly on board the ships to convey the latest possible information,
and/or because the letters were related to items being conveyed by that
ship.  The companies therefore marked the stamps on this type of mail with
their company mark to devalue the stamp, so that they could not be accused
of attempting to defraud the HK PO by subsequently reusing uncancelled
stamps.  There was an article to this effect in the HKSC Journal many moons
ago, but I couldn't find the reference; something about "mail day."

Email from Philippe Orsetti  6th August 2001
To further Lee's comments, here is an illustration of his points. The
corporation used its security marking as a cancelor for a late mail (late
fee canceled too).


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