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Cornabe Forward Agents Marking

Following are discussions on the Cornabe Forward Agents Markings.

Frank Drake 18th July.
Can you assist Frank with information on this.

Email from Andrew Cheung 18th July.
Cornabe & Co. Very famous in Chefoo.
Email from Philippe Orsetti 18th July.
This is a forwarding agent marking (quite rare):
Wilson Cornabe & Co. CHEFOO
Email from Harmon Fine 18th July.
try cornabe & co.
Email from Harmon Fine 19th July.
you have it as a security marking also.
no room for wilson on this marking.
Email from Philippe Orsetti 19th July.
On the Security Markings list, I tried to record names exactly the way they
appear on the markings. So far, the Forwarding Agents have been recorded
along firm's names, regardless of the way it was written on the marking. I
agree that there is no room for "Wilson" in this marking, but it correspond
to this firm FA marking and not Group I # 32A unframed SM from Shanghai.

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Last Modified  19th July 2001