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C / Bk / I

Following are discussions on the C/ Bk / I perfin.

Email from Philippe Orsetti  2nd July 2001

Quote from Rod Sell to Philippe Orsetti:

 Is the I/BK/C  not an upside down C/BK/I as the B looks to have the larger
 loop upside down.
 I have a few C/BK/I and they all appear the same as this one.

Answer from Philippe Orsetti

This is an amazing remark. I went back to my album and I had sorted some
stamps under C/BK/I and some under I/BK/C. The two perfins are exactly the
same and therefore only one.
I agree that the loop of B is disymetric. One hole in the top part, two in
the bottom. Therefore the right marking must be C/BK/I.
C/BK/I was recorded originaly as #18. I/BK/C was added later on as # 35A. It
came from an illustration in the Fritts Huygen "Fiscal Stamps" with the
mention "International Bank of Commerce". There is no mention in his book of
the C/BK/I marking. The cancels on the stamps are not conclusive since they
were struck by any financial institutions.
I now think that Huygens was wrong and if everyone concur, I will strike
I/BK/C # 35A from the perfin list.

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