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B M / & Co.

Following are discussions on the B M / &  Co. perfin.

Email from Rod Sell  29th June 2001

In my perfin page I have listed the B.M & Co. perfin as probably belonging
to Behn Meyer & Co.
A similar perfin over 2 lines is shown in the Perfins of British Malays by P. Giffin.
We also have Meyer & Co security marked stamps.
I only have 1 example of this perfin on a China overprinted George V  1 cent.
What are your views on this Perfin?

Email from Frank Drake  29th June 2001

Sorry, can't really help with this one. I don't have this type. Still
looking out for my first copy.

You might find the answer in the British Post Office Archives but will
require some detailed researching. What is the cds cancel on your copy of
the KGV CHINA overprint 1c with the B.M.& Co perfin? Shanghai? If this be
the case there might be a good chance that the postal records of Shanghai,
on closure of the British Postal Service on 30 November 1922, would have
been returned to UK and hopefully be still stored in the British Post Office
Archives. Anyone, going to London in the near future who can spend some time
to make a check on the Shanghai set of records kept in the Post Office

Email from Dick Scheper  30th June 2001

I have this perfin on a 10 cent blue George V overprinted China. The
cancellation only shows two letters ( that could be the word

Email from Ming Tsang  30th June 2001

The B M/& Co. was originated from Shanghai and recorded
in my book as used during 1920-21 on CHINA overprint HK
KGV stamps.  But, how do you know it was Behn Meyer & Co.?

Email from Rod Sell  30th June 2001

I don't know for sure it is Behn Meyer.
As per my earlier email I believe it could be, because there is a perfin
with similar letters on Straits Settlements stamps listed by Peter Giffin as
belonging to Behn, Meyer & Co.
Since there is a Meyer security marking, it increases the possibility of a
link.  Have you seen any Meyer & Co marking used outside of HK.
I have not found any information on Meyer & Co. in the books I used for
reference on HK companies, which is a shame as more information gives a
better pictue.
Does anyone have any other ideas on who this perfin should be attributed to.

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