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Image from Frank Drake
A K / & Co. with Shanghai Cancels.
new entry: Group III, # 1a

Image from Harmon Fine

Following are discussions on the A.K / &  Co. perfin.

Email from Frank Drake 11th July 2001
Further to my email of 5 July, I enclose the scan of my copy of the QV 10c with AK / & Co perfin and cancelled with the Webb Shanghai type Ciib cds, ie SHANGHAF, 19.5mm circle, index C, with the date SP 4 86.
I have also taken the opportunity to source out information on the Arnhold Karberg & Co. My internet search revealed that the company was established in the year 1866 when pioneering European traders, Jacob Arnhold and Peter Karberg set up a small trading company on Shameen Island, Canton. The following year they opened an office in Hong Kong and in 1881 established their headquarters in Shanghai. Besides being merchants, Merrs Arnhold Karberg & Co were also engineers and contractors. Today, Arnhold is a leading name in Hong Kong and China in the distribution.of plumbing products, building materials, in engineering equipment, and the manufacture and installation of natural stones and insulation products for the construction industry.
For the AK / & Co perfin we have now identified cancellations from Hong Kong and Shanghai on host stamps. If Arnhold Karberg & Co had their roots in Canton, the chance for the AK / & Co perfin to exist with a Canton cds or C1 obliterator might be a possibility. Something to keep an eye out for.

Email from Frank Drake 5th July 2001
I have a copy of the AK / & Co perfin on a QV 1884 10c deep blue green
cancelled with the Webb Shanghai type Ciib cds i.e. SHANGHAF, 19.5mm circle,
index C, with the date SP 4 86. This cancellation type differs from that
shown with the KEVII example currently illustrated. I will provide a scan
later....please wait (I don't have access to a scanner at the moment.

Email from Harmon Fine  5th July 2001
Holes match up exactly. scan attached, Harmon.

Email from Rod Sell  5th July 2001
Does it line up with the perfins with HK cancel.

Email from Philippe Orsetti  5th July 2001
Absolutely, new entry: Group III, # 1a

Email from Harmon Fine  5th July 2001
Do you want to list a subtype of AK&Co. type III 1 from Shanghai?

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